Idai Nature Mexico at the 7th International Phytopathogenic Bacteria Symposium

Idai Nature, a leading biotech company found in more than 35 countries, participates in the 7th International Phytopathogenic Bacteria Symposium in Guadalajara (Mexico).

Dr. Villanova, Manager of Operational Marketing of Idai Nature Mexico, attends the prestigious Symposium with the objective of presenting the scientific papers on Umbral, a Copper Gluconate based product that employs HPC® Nanotechnology, which is exclusively distributed via FMC in the Mexican market.

The purpose of the speech revolved around the existing possibilities to expand the uses and functions of copper. That is, knowing how plants function internally, it is possible to produce specialized products focused on a purpose from conventional products.

Using Copper Gluconate with HPC® Nanotechnology, it is possible to induce defenses to deal with many bacteria and fungi, since it activates different plant defense pathways, such as salicylic acid, caffeic acid or chlorogenic acid.

“Over the course of evolution, plants have been generating different ways to protect themselves, for example, the spine of a cactus or internal metabolites. Currently, we must develop tools that activate the metabolites and use the plants themselves as a defense mechanism to adapt to the agriculture of the future”, explains Dr. Villanova.

The objective of the 7th International Pathogenic Bacteria Symposium is to disseminate specialized studies drafted in various areas of phytobacteriology, in order to strengthen links between institutions, researchers, students and producers seeking to promote research and application of knowledge in this important area of ​​knowledge.

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