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In line with its commitment to the values of healthy, sustainable and chemical-free agriculture, IDAI NATURE is an active member of GLOBAL G.A.P.

This organization was founded in 1997 as an initiative by the British retail sector, in conjunction with supermarkets in continental Europe, to promote awareness of the need to obtain and market safe food, not endangering the environment, health, or the safety and well-being of consumers, agricultural workers, and animals.

It was decided at that time to regularise the standards and procedures applied to this activity, and developing an independent certification system for Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.), was the most appropriate solution.

In this way, ever since the standards of quality and certification developed by various experts around the world, periodically improved and adjusted, have helped producers to comply with the criteria accepted throughout Europe – the most demanding – in relation to food safety, sustainable production methods, farmers’ well-being, and the responsible use of water and plant reproduction materials. This certified regularisation has also meant savings for producers, as they do not have to undergo different audits every year, with different criteria.

Over time, and under the impetus of globalization, a growing number of producers and retailers from all over the world have joined the initiative, and the organization, founded with a European scope, is now totally international.

GLOBAL G.A.P. is the leading programme of its kind in the world, seeing to it that consumers’ requirements in relation to agricultural production are met in a growing list of countries (currently more than 125, all over the world).

IDAI NATURE joins the organization as an active member, to contribute its experience in R&D and the development of solutions aimed at Agriculture that are sustainable, environmentally sound, and healthy, actively cooperating to address the challenges facing this activity, and to pursue all of GLOBAL G.A.P.’s objectives.

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