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Organic farming is a rapidly growing sector of the EU. During the last decade, the area of the EU devoted to organic production has increased at an average rate of 500,000 hectares per year. This growth is the result of a major concern at European level about the serious implications of the excessive and irrational use of chemical pesticides for the productivity of the crops and human health.

Therefore, every day there are more farmers who when dealing with various problems in their crops, such as pests or diseases, face the challenge of how to combat them without the use of pesticides and chemical herbicides. It is in this area where Idai Nature plays an important role, since this company has an ambitious research projects to treat pests and diseases with natural substances coming mostly from mineral and vegetable extracts.
In this regard, the European Commission has granted Idai Nature the development of the LBS-PROTECTION project within the H2020 program because it is considered one of the most innovative and most successful companies in the European Union.
The main objective of LBS-PROTECTION is to increase the protection of organic crops with zero waste. Its innovation is based in a reformulation with high-performance organic molecules, transported through the xylem that ensures their bioavailability for the plants and therefore their effectiveness. This is known as the LBS-PROTECTION technology. The LBS formulation developed provides accurate control against biotic and abiotic stress and stimulates the induction of defence mechanisms in plants. These features make it a substitute for other conventional products, reducing chemical residues in crops and food.
Idai Nature was born in 2009 right in the middle of economic recession period and without resources, entered into the national market only after successfully promoting its internationalization and today invoices worth 17 million euros, has four subsidiaries and is present in more than 30 countries.

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