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This is the only product capable of reducing mortality of vines due to these diseases thanks to the inclusion of Trichoderma atroviride l-1237.
Idai Nature brought together more than 100 experts in viticulture from the north and south of Portugal for the launch event of ESQUIVE, the most effective phytosanitary product of biogenic origin for controlling vine trunk diseases.

These diseases, especially esca, eutyposis and BDA, considered by many as the “phylloxera of modern times”, as well as having a very negative effect on production quality and quantity, put the life of the strain itself at risk.
ESQUIVE is the only product capable of reducing vine mortality from these diseases thanks to its inclusion of Trichoderma atroviride l-1237.
For all these reasons, among the guests to the event were the country’s main wine companies, nurseries, representatives of associations of winemakers and universities.
In addition, the event was attended by a sponsor of an exception, Mr. Julián Palacios, international expert in Viticulture, owner and Technical Director of the company, Julián Palacios-Viticultura Viva.
“Without a doubt, this is a product that will make life much easier for wine growers.”

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