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Idai Nature researches and develops natural solutions based on mixtures of botanical and minerals extracts that allow farmers to produce food free of chemical residues allowing the access into the most demanding markets.

During the last years Idai Nature remains at the cutting edge on research, innovation and the development of new inputs for agriculture. As a result of this hard work, in the next edition of fruit attraction, will present its new range of products: MicroNat, which includes products based on microorganisms and also mixtures of metabolites derived from microbial fermentation.

Products formulated with mixtures of PGPR bacteria type and mycorrhizal fungi are aimed at improving the quality of the rhizosphere and the development of the roots.

These organisms are known as biofertilizers and secrete metabolites that modify the root architecture of plants optimizing their nutrition, in addition to reducing the negative effects of water stress.

Other references of the MicroNat line are the well-known biopesticides, which are focused on the protection of agricultural crops in an ecological way. This group includes products based on entomopathogenic viruses and strains of Trichoderma fungi among others.
All this work has placed Idai Nature at the forefront of innovation in the market and has become an international benchmark in consultancy for organic agriculture and zero residue.

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