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Last May the integration of IDAI NATURE in SAPEC AGRO BUSINESS was formalized in Valencia via its investee company TRADECORP.

Sapec Agro Business has announced the acquisition of the Valencian company IDAI NATURE via its investee company TRADECORP – Trade Corporation International. IDAI NATURE is a Valencian biotechnology company specializing in manufacturing bioinsecticides based on the mixture of botanical extracts, found in 35 countries and a growth in recent years of more than 20% per year and a consolidated turnover of 18 million euros

Within the group’s new structure, TRADECORP will continue leading the specialized fertilization part, since it constitutes a reference of quality and professionalism in the global market for micronutrients, special fertilizers and biostimulants, while IDAI NATURE will lead the global market for “Residue free” with its current management team via its bioinsecticides, which enable farmers to cure plant pathologies using other plants.

With this integration, the Group is positioned as the best prepared overall company to lead the new global concept of “Residue-free” agriculture, to offer producers and supermarkets integrated solutions for attaining crops free of chemical residues and synergistically include as a group the four technological areas necessary to achieve this: quality phytosanitary products with a low toxicological profile, precision biostimulants, specialized nutritional products and natural bioinsecticides that are harmless for the applicator, the consumer and the environment.

Since it was created, IDAI NATURE has garnered several awards, such as the Empresa más innovadora de la Comunitat Valenciana (Most innovative company in the Valencian Community in 2013 and Mejor PYME de España (Best Spanish SME) in 2016.

Eric van Innis, CEO of the Agro Business Group, commented: “Now we have a common goal: to make IDAI NATURE the world leader in “Residue free” and, to do so, all Agro Business teams will work together to achieve this goal. An example of this is our experience with Tradecorp that, since our entry, has multiplied sales by 60, and we have developed the anti-stress concept for plants worldwide. We expect an exponential growth of IDAI NATURE in the coming years.

Carlos Ledó, who founded IDAI NATURE 9 years ago and who remains within the company as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, commented after the signing of the transaction: “It is an important day for everyone: for our workers, because now they are part of a much more powerful and stable structure that has a business vision and culture aligned with those of IDAI NATURE, which guarantees sustainable growth and the viability of the project in the future; for the company, because it will continue to generate stable double-digit employment growth and enjoy new opportunities as a technological platform for R&D&I; and for me, as an entrepreneur, because thanks to this complete integration of the life cycle of the entrepreneur and I can see how the start-up that I created in 2009 will stand out all over the world, it will be a known brand, recognized and consumed on the five continents and serve as an example of motivation for the rest of people who decide to pursue their dreams, risk and undertake, sending them a message of “Yes I can”. I also want to thank my family and all the people who have come and gone in my life and who, in one way or another, have contributed to making this incredible dream come true.”

Sapec Agro Business stands out worldwide thanks to its two business areas: crop nutrition and protection, mainly represented by Sapec Agro and Tradecorp. The crop protection area has greater presence in southern European markets and is the leader of the Iberian Peninsula in manufacturing, distributing and sale of differentiated off-patent products. Regarding the area of crop nutrition, it is currently present in about 80 countries. The business volume of the company grew from 110 million euros to 300 million euros in the last eight years. Sapec Agro Business was acquired by Bridgepoint in January 2017.

Bridgepoint is a prominent international group whose objective is to invest in leading companies, with solid positions in their markets and with the potential to significantly increase their profits, creating value through the expansion and improvement of their operations and working together with their management teams to increase the value of those enterprises. Bridgepoint has more than 25 years of experience and has completed, since 2000, transactions worth 28 billion euros.

The IDAI NATURE consultants in this operation have been IFEDES and AKTION LEGAL PARTNERS, as well as ALTAMAR, PWC and URÍA MENÉNDEZ for SAPEC AGRO BUSINESS.

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