Idai Nature consolidates its presence in the United States

]Idai Nature, Valencian company that leads the biocontrol line within the Rovensa group, has taken a further step in its ambitious internationalization plan: the consolidation of its American subsidiary Idai-Nature USA.

The growing use of organic products in the United States and the trend of synergistic use with agrochemicals, has made Idai Nature an ideal partner to provide control of the main problems that the North American farmer is currently facing.

“The American agricultural sector is a very dynamic market, with very high demands on quality and service, so it was essential for us to have a direct presence there,” said Carlos Ledó, CEO of the company.”

The multinational has already received some registrations of its biotech products that improve crop productivity and obtain healthier food for consumers in a sustainable way. “We put the latest technology at the service of agriculture to protect and strengthen crops around the world in a sustainable way,” says Ledó.

The company has undergone a rapid international expansion, that has led it to have a presence in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. “Our business plan right now is to reinforce our presence in North America to ensure sustainable growth in this area of great strategic importance for our sector in the next years.”

Rovensa is an international group organized into three main business units: crop protection, crop nutrition and biocontrol. With offices, factories, research centers and laboratories in Brasil, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. Rovensa develops solutions for the comprehensive care of crops.

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