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Idai Nature participated in the fourth ACI BIOPESTICIDES EUROPE, an international conference that takes place in London and brings together representatives of leading biocontrol companies and researchers from around the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainable agriculture.

Antonio Cerveró, Ph. D agronomist and Idai Nature’s technical director presented details during his presentation about some of the company’s most innovative products and which have made it an international benchmark for natural biocontrol solutions.

Idai Nature has been part of a large group since 2018, which was founded to meet the growing need to maximize crop yield and quality, while implementing increasingly stringent sanitary and environmental requirements.

The group is proposing a new agricultural model: balanced agriculture.

This new model offers an integrated crop management program that synergistically includes agrochemicals, adjuvants, precision biostimulants, specialized nutritional products and natural biopesticides that permit balanced use of agricultural inputs to optimize crop yields while being environmentally and health friendly.

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