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Idai Nature was one of the 10 innovative Valencian Community companies acknowledged during the 25 years of the CEEI’s (European Business and Innovation Centre) existence. Over the course of its history more than 7,500 companies have formed part of the CEEI

Yesterday Sustainable Economy Minister Rafa Climent, on hand at the 25th anniversary of CEEI Valencia, bestowed an award acknowledging the work done by Idai Nature, an international leader in the production of natural solutions for the cultivation of food free of chemical residues.

With this award the CEEI wished to spotlight 10 of the 7,500 companies that have formed part of this centre during its 25-year history. Management chose Idai Nature because it stands as an example of sustained and sustainable business management committed to the creation of stable, high-quality employment.

Receiving the award, Idai Nature CEO Carlos Ledó stressed that the key to Idai Nature’s success has been its commitment to innovation and the constant pursuit of excellence in all areas of the company.

Founded in 2010, Idai Nature produces innovative chemical-free products that allow its customers to increase their profit margins while producing food devoid of harmful residues. In these 7 years its growth has been exponential, going from zero to 2016 sales of more than 9 million euros. The total of group of companies invoiced 17 million euros on the year. It is present in more than 30 countries, and has established production subsidiaries in Mexico, Algeria, Turkey and the United States.

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