Idai Nature already only uses green energy

  • It reaches its goal of using 100% renewable energy this year 2020 in all its facilities


(Valencia 14-07-2020) Idai Nature’s mission is to feed the world population through sustainable and healthy agriculture that helps the planet face climate change and diminish its resources.

With the use of renewable energy in all its facilities, this company goes one step further in its commitment to caring for the environment and becomes a pioneer in its sector in betting on 100% green energy.

Idai Nature has invested in renewable electricity in all those countries where the company is present, including its facilities in Spain and Mexico that represent 80% of its global use of electricity. In this way it has ensured that all the energy they use has the green certificate of origin.

The energy efficiency measures applied to fulfill this commitment are also taken into account in the design of the buildings. So much so, that Idai Nature is the only company in its sector with Passivhaus facilities, a construction standard characterized by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 80% compared to a conventional building in their same characteristics.

In addition, it should be noted that Idai Nature is committed to the circular economy in the manufacture of its packaging and considers it to be one of the keys to achieving responsible industrial development.

“The population does not stop growing and the planet’s resources are limited, for this reason, in Idai Nature we are clear that it is necessary to bet on sustainability in all areas of our activity”, highlights Carlos Ledó, CEO and Founder of the company.

This responsible and sustainable management has led the European Commission to select Idai Nature to represent Spain in the prestigious European Environment Awards.

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