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With the acquisition of Even Agro, Idai Nature further strengthens its biocontrol line following last month’s acquisition of Agrichembio


Idai Nature has announced the acquisition of Even Agro, a company based in Albacete with more than 20 years of experience that specialises in products suitable for organic and zero waste agriculture.

The incorporation of this company follows the recent acquisition of the company Agrichem Bio, led by Idai Nature within the Rovensa group, with the aim of further strengthening the biocontrol line.

‘With these acquisitions, Idai Nature seeks to strengthen and position itself at the forefront of global agriculture through healthy and sustainable solutions for the environment,’ says Carlos Ledó, founder and managing director of Idai Nature and COO of Biocontrol at Rovensa Group.

Even Agro was founded in 1999 and has always been characterised by the development of high-quality products, aimed at maximum development agriculture. One of the priorities of this company is to offer effective and safe products for specific uses that do not present any risk for the operator, the consumer or the environment.

The Rovensa business group is based on a strategy that provides farmers with integrated solutions to obtain high-quality plant protection products that have a low toxicological profile, precision biostimulants, specialised nutritional products, and natural biological protection products that are harmless to the operator, the consumer, and the environment.

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