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Idai Nature and Oro Agri, silver sponsors in the second edition of Global Biocontrol Summit.

Global Biocontrol Summit

Idai Nature and Oro Agri, companies within the Rovensa group, are participating in Global Biocontrol Summit as silver sponsors. After last year’s success, the second edition of the event will be held online on October 13-14.

The public’s increasing concern for food safety and the environment highlights the relevance of Global Biocontrol Summit, which will focus on the commercialization and technological development of bioproducts for sustainable agriculture, as well as on many key issues for the market, such as the latest advances in research and development, the regulatory framework for their commercialization, and the application of bioproducts by farmers, among others.

This important event will bring together leading specialists in the Biocontrol market, including more than 20 world leaders, who will address key challenges in a multistreaming conference.

Idai Nature and Oro Agri will jointly sponsor this important congress, boosting the Rovensa brand in the market.

About Idai Nature

Idai Nature ( is a Valencian biotech company founded in 2009 by Carlos Ledó specialized in the development and manufacture of microbial products and botanical extracts with biofungicidal, biobactericidal and/or bioinsecticide effect. Since 2018, it has been part of the Rovensa Business Group, leading its Agricultural Biocontrol unit.

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