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At Fruit Logistica Idai Nature fortifies the success of its products, based on basic substances (Hall 11.2 / Stand B-06)

It is the company in the sector with the most products registered as based on basic substances: 7 in all

Horsetail, soybean lecithin and chitosan are just some of the basic substances Idai Nature uses in its products. Its stable and unique formulations protect the active ingredients of basic substances, thus endowing its products with the maximum efficiency, all within the legal framework and guidelines indicated by the European Commission.

Its main objective is quality, from its internal laboratory to applications in the field. “Not all products based on basic substances are made alike. The key to our success lies in our exclusive formulations and the raw materials we select, in accordance with criteria and standards that ensure the maximum effectiveness of our products,” explained CEO Carlos Ledó.

Through traceability, the company performs analyses and controls, from the selection of the raw material to the effectiveness of the product in the field, and discard those raw materials that exhibit reduced effectiveness.

The Valencian company Idai Nature travels once again to Fruit Logistica, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector. At the Berlin fair Idai Nature’s technical team plans to hold business meetings and talks to share how its management model allows growers to produce chemical-free foods, and without cost increases.


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