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Grey mould, or rot, in fruit is one of the most serious diseases that can affect strawberries, and berry crops in general. Caused by the Botrytis cinerea fungus, it can easily spread through your crops and inflict significant losses.
The main types of damage caused by fruit rot include:

• Appearance of soft rot in the form of grey deformations on the affected areas.
• The curling and drying of young leaves (brown damage).
• Symptoms of infection cover the upper surface of the fruit.
• Finally, the drying of the fruit, even emptying the strawberries.

Tips to prevent Botrytis:

• Place your plants in sunny and well-ventilated places.
• Facilitate ventilation through proper pruning.
• Remove infected material
• Protect crops from adverse weather conditions. Rains and mild temperatures favour its appearance.


At IDAI NATURE we offer you a protection strategy based on natural solutions that will give you peace of mind and great results against grey rot.

EQUIBASIC + MIMETIC + COPPER. This combination protects the plant against the appearance of disease, allowing crops to develop in an optimal way and without the stress caused by external agents. In addition, it improves the postharvest quality of the berries by reducing the appearance of rot during transportation and storage.

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