Naturdai Line: Biofungicides and complementary

Naturdai Line

Biofungicides and complementary

The NATURDAI line covers basic substances and other specific formulations based on plant and mineral extracts with biofungicidal and/or eliciting capacity.  All NATURDAI solutions are suitable for use in organic, conventional or zero-residue agriculture. They are highly effective and don’t create resistance; they are free of chemical residues and are safe for people and crops. 



Liquid silica with
a desiccant effect

SILIPOT® is a natural product with a unique formulation made from potassium silicate. SILIPOT incorporates HPC Nanotechnology, which allows the product to be assimilated by the plant and be incorporated into the vascular system without the plant having to expend energy. Silicon exerts a drying effect on the plant and, therefore, prevents conditions suitable for development of fungal diseases. Furthermore, it gives the plant physical and mechanical resistance by increasing the thickness of the epidermal cells and lignifying them. SILIPOT® has excellent synergies with COBRE®



Natural elicitor of
plant defenses

QUITOBASIC® is a basic substance formulated based on a concentrated extract of glucosamine (chitosan), a component obtained from chitin from the exoskeleton of crustaceans and mollusks. QUITOBASIC® is a broad-spectrum elicitor. It exerts a bactericidal and fungicidal effect by stimulating plants’ natural defense mechanisms. It is especially suitable for berries, vegetables and cereals. QUITOBASIC® presents excellent synergy with EQUIBASIC®.



Natural anti-oidium from
sunflower oils

PROTOIL® is a natural product, made from sunflower oil with fungicidal capacity against powdery mildew. The product forms a protective film on the surface of the tomato plants lending a physical barrier against pathogens. In addition, the chemical composition of the oil based on terpenoids and phenolic compounds toxic for pathogens, confers it with fungicidal activity. PROTOIL® is compatible with most agricultural products and reduces the input of sulfur in crops.

Polvo mineral micronizado con efecto secante.


Micronized mineral powder with a desiccant effect

NITA® is a micronized mineral powder with a desiccant effect developed from food quality magnesite. NITA® eliminates the surface moisture from leaf cuticles, leaving it free from the aqueous medium where different types of disease-causing pathogens can reproduce. It begins to work immediately after treatment. The high specific surface of NITA® gives it high absorption capacity and desiccating potency. It offers excellent synergies with MIMETIC®.



Soy lecithin fungicide
and elicitor

LESOY® is a natural product, formulated based on food quality soy lecithin with fungicidal capacity against fungi such as Oidium, Phytophthora or Mildew. LESOY® leaves no residue on crops and acts by multi-site contact, dehydrating the areas it is applied to, thus preventing optimal conditions for development of phytopathogenic fungi. In addition, it increases the elasticity of the skin of the fruit, makes crops more uniform and improves their useful life. LESOY® has no waiting period and has good synergy with EQUIBASIC®.



The best shield
against stress

LECIS® is a natural product made from copper ions (Cu). It has been scientifically proven that certain plant extracts such as soy, help strengthen plants facing stress caused by environmental agents. LECIS® improves the post-harvest life of fruit and acts to heal wounds on plants, due to its ability to create a protective film on the plant surface. LECIS® provides a physical barrier against problems stemming from humidity. It has an excellent synergy with MIMETIC®



Natural fungicide based on sodium hydrogen carbonate

A totally natural solution used for the effective control of diseases in agriculture. The product acts on the plants as a contact fungicide in that it produces a shock effect that alters the ion balance in cells of fungi, which causes them to collapse. In addition, CARBOBASIC® has a fungistatic effect on the plant’s surface, which causes a change in the physical-chemical characteristics when it comes into contact with fungal forms, effectively blocking the development of phytopathogenic fungi. CARBOBASIC® is especially suitable for horticultural, vine, berries and fruit crops. It has excellent synergy with S-SYSTEM®.

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