Alliances to achieve goals

We are adhered to and/or participate in projects and initiatives

Both within Spain and in the different countries where we operate, to contribute to achieving equal development and a fairer world.

IdaiNature is a partner of IBMA Spain and, as a member of its Board of Directors, we officially represent the Natural Substances Group. From our position, we work in the search for a regulatory framework in Europe that protects and promotes a more balanced, healthy, and protective agriculture for farmers and the final consumer


YoSano BMA

We are one of the sponsors of the Sano y Sostenible Foundation, a global project that strives for a world where responsible production of healthy food, respect for the environment and the quality of life of consumers are prevalent. 


We have entered an agreement to join the Association 5 al día to collaborate on projects that help increase the volume of fresh and residue-free fruits and vegetables consumed per capita in Spain to the level recommended by the WHO. 


Creators of the YoSano seal: it guarantees that the processes and systems applied by the producers under the label have succeeded in producing socially and environmentally responsible food, free of waste chemicals.

Peace, justice, and strong institutions

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