Idai Line | BROTAVERD: Natural biostimulant and vascular constructor

RCE 834/2007 and in accordance with the NOP Abono RCE 2003/2003

Natural biostimulant and vascular constructor

BROTAVERD® is a natural biostimulant capable of activating plant physiological processes, thus optimizing cellular development and a plant’s energy flow thanks to its effect on vein development.


BROTAVERD® is an excellent promoter of vegetative development and sprouting thanks to the fact that it enhances movement of sap through vascular bundles, especially in situations of stress.

The incorporation of HPC Nanotechnology in its formulation enables complete absorption of all its elements, in a passive manner, without this implying any energy expenditure (ATP) by the plant. BROTAVERD® can be applied on all crops by both foliar and soil routes. It doesn’t leave behind any type of residue and is suitable for all types of agriculture.

We recommend joint application with ALGAFER® due to the synergistic effects.

Potencia y uniformiza la brotación y el desarrollo vegetativo

Incrementa el movimiento de Savia

Incrementa el movimiento de Savia

Aumenta la resistencia a estreses abióticos

Aumenta la resistencia a estrés abiótico

Incrementa el movimiento de Savia

Fortalece el sistema vascular de la planta

Posee efecto Vasoconstructor

posee efecto vasoconstructor

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