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Idai Line

Fertilizer and Biostimulant Products

 The IDAI line includes products for nutrition and plant biostimulation. Fertilization via these natural solutions ensures they are friendly for crops, consumers and their surroundings. In this line you can find, among others, organic fertilizers, ecological fertilizers, rooting agents, biostimulants and micro and macroelement deficiency correctors. 



Highly assimilable

K PLUS® is a highly assimilable potassium (K) solution thanks to HPC Nanotechnology. It is indicated for preventing and correcting deficiencies of this element in plants. K PLUS® enables rapid and complete translocation of potassium to green organs and fruits, achieving the beneficial effects of K such as precociousness and increased coloration and brix degrees.
Thanks to its neutral pH, it can be mixed with calcium-based products. We recommend joint application with CASOIL® due to the synergistic effects.



Liquid organic material with nutrients

FERTIREG EXTRA® is an organic, liquid and natural fertilizer for fertigation. It helps to improve soil structure and make micro and macronutrient plants available. Due to its acidic nature, it unblocks nutrients, thus improving the cation exchange of the clay-humic complex. FERTIREG EXTRA is plant sourced and has a high percentage of organic matter. It is an easily handled and rapidly assimilable product recommended as a fertilizer in crops with drip irrigation.



Natural solution for increasing caliber

ENGORDE® is a natural formula based on phosphorus and potassium that ensures enzymatic activation and protein synthesis for the best development and maturation of the fruit. In addition, it ensures the correct osmoregulatory function that promotes cellular extension and leads to fruits with greater turgidity. ENGORDE® enhances the translocation of sugars and their accumulation in fruits, resulting in an increase in crop yields, in an increase in caliber and in an improvement in the organoleptic quality of the fruits. ENGORDE® has excellent synergy with Idai ALGAFER and Idai K PLUS®.



Non-hormonal rooting

ECORIZ® is a naturally sourced solution indicated for facilitating rooting and increasing root mass by multiplying absorbent hairs that have roots. Its application via irrigation enables balanced growth of crops while maintaining a good relationship between the root and its aerial parts. In addition, it increases the absorption capacity of nutrients on the part of the plant, which causes greater vegetative development and increased yield.



Natural inducer of flowering and setting

CUAJE® provides plants with a balanced mixture of elements required for satisfactory development of flowering and fruit set. In addition, it promotes the germination of the pollen grain and the lengthening of the life of the pollen tube to ensure fertilization. Due to its content in microelements B, Mo and algae, it improves plants’ reproductive structures, thus achieving greater fertilization and optimal and homogeneous production. We recommend joint application with ENGORDE® due to the synergistic effects.



Highly assimilable

CA SOIL® is a solution especially indicated for preventing or correcting problems caused by calcium deficiency (Ca) in crops. Applications of CA SOIL® minimize cracking and deformation of fruit, increase regeneration of plant tissues and reduce the levels of salinity of the soil. In addition, CA SOIL® incorporates HPC Nanotechnology, which can be applied via leaves and be absorbed by plant tissues without energy expense by the plant.

Aminoveg 24


24% non-plant-sourced amino acids with valerian

AMINOVEG 24® is formulated based on plant sourced amino acids and valerian intended to activate the natural processes of plant metabolism after long periods of drought, hail, frost or phytotoxicity. The amino acids that it contributes to the plant give crops greater resistance to frost and an improvement in the yield and quality of the crops.

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