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Training and Fairs

01. Scientific Training and Dissemination. At Idai Nature, we organize free Informative Meetings and Conferences

Our Chair of Bioinsecticides developed at the Polytechnic University of Valencia promotes training and dissemination activities.
Creation of the Idai Nature Bioinsecticides Chair at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Feb. 2016)

1st DAY. The present and the future of biopesticides in agriculture (Mar. 2017)

2nd DAY. Biostimulants for Plant Production: Concept and New Legal Framework (Oct. 2017)

DAY PRESENTATION: Definitive natural solution for controlling red palm weevil (April 2018)

Formación y divulgación Científica

3rd DAY. Mechanisms of action of the Biostimulants for plant production (Nov. 2018)

02. INTERday Congress

The objective of INTERday is to raise awareness and promote internationalization and innovation as essential elements to achieving business success.

formación y ferias

03. Idai Nature sponsors the best university students via financial aid.

We sponsor, via financial aid, the best students of agricultural universities, as a seedbed of future collaborators of Idai Nature.

We also annually convene the Idai Nature Awards for the best Academic Records. By way of this initiative, Idai Nature seeks excellence in the training of professionals and in the agricultural sector.

Apadrinamiento de estudiantes

04. Presence at international and national fairs. Idai Nature participates in the most important national and international fairs of the horticultural sector

Formación y divulgación Científica
Apadrinamiento de estudiantes
formación y ferias

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