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Promoting sport

Every year we participate in charity races that try to promote sports as a meeting point between the workers of Valencian companies and that dedicate their proceeds to various NGOs.

The company promotes values ​​such as effort, teamwork and the desire to excel by means of several sports sponsorships.

Recaudacion ONG

01. Idai Nature awards the prize to the best team of the cycling tour of Spain

The Team Qualification Prize of the 6th stage of the cycling tour of Spain 2017 was handed out by Carlos Ledó, Idai Nature’s General Director. This award aims to encourage common effort, camaraderie and endurance, values ​​that are part of Idai Nature’s DNA.

02. Idai Nature participates in the “Challenge Interempresas” race

This charity race is a teambuilding + CSR and corporate volunteer event in which Idai Nature’s workers ran to contribute to combating childhood malnutrition.

For every kilometer run, the company donated ten euros to the struggle against childhood malnutrition. Last year, our champions managed to cover 212 km, i.e., 2,120 euros to help crack this problem that affects millions of children.

challenge interempresas

03. Idai Nature in RUN TO THE MOON

Run to the Moon. Idai Nature, together with other Valencian companies, has joined the exciting challenge of Conquering the Moon.

It is a matter of all the workers of the different organizations traveling among themselves the distance that separates the Earth from the Moon and donating according to the effort made to the Optimist Hospital Awards.

Run to the moon

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