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01. Food without waste for the entire workforce

Each member of the Idai family regularly receives a complete box of products from the garden that the company tends to with its products. Idai Nature’s personnel, who strive every day to convey the importance of food safety, deserve to enjoy food free of chemical residues and of the highest quality.


02. 5 a day Association

We have formalized an agreement to join the 5 a day Association to collaborate on projects that help increase per capita consumption of fresh, residue-free fruits and vegetables by the Spanish population to reach the level recommended by the WHO. 

Asociación 5 al dia

03. Healthy and Sustainable Foundation

We are one of the founding patrons of the Healthy and Sustainable Foundation, a global project that seeks a world in which the responsible production of healthy products prevails that are environmentally friendly, and consumers’ quality of life is promoted.

sano y sostenible fundación

04. Yosano seal

Creators of the YoSano [I’m Healthy] seal: It guarantees the processes and systems used to produce the products bearing it. The food produced carrying this seal is socially and environmentally responsible and free of chemical residues.


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