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Idai People

The key is to make a group of great people a great team, Idai people.

Idai Nature’s personnel are motivated, proud to belong to this company, and people who contribute ideas and solutions. Each worker seeks excellence at all levels of the organization; In return, the company is committed to rewarding this effort with a commitment to stable and quality employment.

The numerical growth of our personnel has been parallel to the company’s economic growth, we have gone from 23 employees in 2013 to more than 80 in 2017.

Equipo Idai

Equality measures

We have many measures aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men and eliminating any hint of discrimination based on sex.

Idai Nature is committed to the social-occupational inclusion of people at risk of exclusion. “Our team is our main business asset”.

Formación Universitaria

50% of the company’s management positions are occupied by women


Nearly 90% of its workforce has a university education


Promoting the Pride of Belonging

01. Justified absence to attend meetings of your children’s school, take them on the first day of the school year or attend the pertinent school festivities.

02. If because of your family situation, or if you should require it for any other reason, you can ask HR for flexible hours.

03. Friday afternoon free, compressed working hours during summer months and the day off on your birthday.

Orgullo Pertenencia

04. Each year The Three Wisemen carve out a bit of time from their tight schedules to bring gifts that the company has ordered for the children of our team.

05. Our little artists are the ones in charge of designing the company’s corporate greeting cards.

Reyes Magos

When we provide greater balance between work and family life, our workers become more responsible and have greater peace of mind.

06. Every year we enjoy an exclusive area of ​​the Christmas Circus accompanied by more than a hundred relatives.

07. The company offers employees and their families a box in the VIP area of ​​the Mestalla stadium.

08. At Idai Nature, we provide employees with a credit card, so they do not have to advance their personal money for company expenses


09. The company car can be used on weekends and holidays

10. We carry out outdoor activities that help us promote our core values ​​among our workers and their families

Training And Fairs

Charitable Causes

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