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Example of Innovation

01. Idai Nature selected by MIT BOSTON as a world leader in innovation

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has chosen Idai Nature for its level of innovation and its technological base. The company is part of the Entrepreneurship Development Program. The program is led by Kenneth Morse, innovation advisor to former U.S. President Barack Obama and advisory member of the National Advisory Council on Innovation.

The objective is to accelerate the growth of innovative projects, develop ideas in successful businesses and increase business opportunities.


02. Carlos Ledó, First Alumni Highlighted by the UPV for the disruptive innovation he has developed at Idai Nature

03. Idai Nature receives the “Innovative SME” seal from the Ministry of Economy who has granted it as endorsement of its research trajectory and continuous commitment to R&D.

04. Idai Nature receives the National Award that the Association of Spanish BICs (ANCES) gives to the best Technology-Based Innovative Companies.

05. Obama selects Idai Nature for a meeting with innovative companies

Barack Obama selects Idai Nature as a pioneering and innovative company to represent Spanish agricultural research companies.

This meeting was the last act of importance of the former US president on his official visit to Spain in July 2016. The US ambassador to Spain oversaw organizing this meeting with him.

Encuentro Obama

06. Idai Nature example of innovation with the co-founder of Apple

Carlos Ledó, founder of Idai Nature, together with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of APPLE together with Steve Jobs, attended the biggest innovation event in recent years in Central America. Idai Nature was invited to the event as an example of European success in innovation.

The event was also attended by speakers of the stature of Ken Morse, founder of the MIT BOSTON Entrepreneurship Center and innovation advisor to the US president, Barack Obama among others.


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