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Charitable Causes

01. At Idai Nature, we know that research is essential to advancement and improvement, so we collaborated with the Spanish Association Against Cancer for 4 years

The AECC’s (Spanish Association Against Cancer) promotion and funding of biomedical and social research projects is one of the pillars of its activity. Thanks to research, cancer survival has increased by 20% over the past 20 years. This improvement in outcomes stems from the development of new tools for early diagnosis and more specific and effective treatments.

We know that our contributions help reduce the impact caused by cancer and improve the lives of people suffering from this disease.


02. Research Project on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The purpose of this project is to help Elvira Roda, the young Valencian woman affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity who suffered severe physical deterioration a few years ago when chemical products were sprayed around her. We emphasize the development of research into botanical extracts with bioinsecticidal activity for treatment of pests. Therefore, we have considered that this purpose fits perfectly with the investigation of a disease for which the use of completely natural solutions is vital.

During Elvira Roda’s (known as the Bubble Girl) stay in a clinic in the U.S., she was tested, and the results of the analyses showed clear pesticide poisoning. The doctors explained that pesticides are one of the principal causes in the diagnosis of environmental diseases.

We help the Bubble Girl financially and donate the necessary products for the care of the gardens in the vicinity of her house

03. Research agreements with the Universities of Córdoba, UDI, UPV, INEA Valladolid

Acuerdos en Investigación

04. Reforestation

Employees, relatives and friends of Idai Nature organize an annual corporate volunteer day dedicated to the planting of hundreds of trees (cork oaks, oaks and pines) in the mountains of the Valencian Community.


05. Support to food banks

Every December, Idai Nature’s entire staff participates in the Food Drive Campaign organized by the Food Banks during the Christmas season.

Banco Alimentos

06. Idai Nature also collaborates with the Association of Médicos sin Fronteras

We help emergency medical help reach those who need it most, whoever they are and where ever they are.

Medicos Sin Fronteras

07. Idai Nature with the NGO Formation Senegal

We contribute to improving the lives of young people and children of the Senegalese population in the Sahel area of Africa. We provide, via this project, technical advice to the people of Senegal to teach them how to produce food in desert areas in a sustainable manner. In addition, we help them financially and donate the products that are required to care for their crops.

This entire process is carried out via Formación Senegal, a non-profit humanitarian aid association that works to create educational projects with the aim of providing young people in Senegal with training for professional use.

Formación Senegal

Fostering Sports

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