Environment, quality and awards

Environment, quality and awards

One of the fundamental values ​​of our company is caring for the environment and combating climate change


Carbon footprint

Idai Nature holds the Carbon Footprint registration granted by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture. In 2016, there was a company-wide reduction of 4.31% of CO2 equivalent tons (tCO2eq) compared to the previous year, and a reduction of 30% tCO2eq per employee.

Emitimos 1.400 veces menos CO2 que el resto de empresas del sector

Water Footprint

Idai Nature is aware of the need for friendly use of natural resources. The technology used in our premium liquid fertilizers increases their persistence in the soil and root absorption of nutrients.

These characteristics maximize profitability with minimal environmental impact

Zero discharges,
no drains

AMembership in Sigfito and Ecoembes

In addition, to make certain our products are environmentally friendly until the end of their useful life, our company is a member of entities such as SIGFITO and ECOEMBES, which have a collection system for used containers, so they are properly handled in an environmentally friendly way.

Idai Nature empresa EMAS

Idai Nature company EMAS
Maximum European environmental recognition

Quality Certificates

Idai Nature is committed to continuous improvement in all its processes. We have an integrated quality and environmental management system certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards of quality and environment respectively. We also are compliant with legislation regulating the sector, via certification of its manufacturing processes in accordance with Royal Decree 506/2013.

These certifications endow our products with a recognition of their quality, and this value is passed on to consumers of our formulas.

IIdai Nature has an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management Policy available. If you are interested in knowing more about it, feel free to request it by email at: calidad@idainature.com

Ecological Certificate

One of our management’s strategic policies is to adopt the highest quality policy for all its products, which is why our products hold the most stringent certifications. We work every day to meet all the requirements of the most prestigious certifications from around the world and perform external and internal audits that ensure compliance with all existing standards in our field of endeavor.

OMRIOmri Listed




Idai Nature is one of the companies that has been granted the highest number of awards in our sector. The numerous innovation awards received throughout our history corroborate our maximum effort for quality, research and development of new products such as natural fertilizers and biostimulants for sustainable agriculture

Empresa Innovadora 2013

2013 Award for the best Innovative Company

Ganador 2013 Gestión Empresarial Innovadora

2013 Winner of innovative Business Manager

Ganador 2ª edición MIT BOSTON

Winner of the 2nd MIT BOSTON

Ganador CEEI IVACE 2013 Trayectoria Empresarial Innovadora

2013 Winner of CEEI IVACE Innovative Business Trajectory

Premio Nacional 2014 Mejor Iniciativa Empresarial

Best Business Initiative 2014

Ganador 2013 Mejor Empresa DPECV

2013 Winner of the DPECV Best Company

Premio ASTER 2014

2014 ASTER Award

Premio a la Mejor Trayectoria Empresarial Focus-PYME 2016

Award for the Best Business Trajectory Focus-PYME 2016

Premio Nacional CEPYME 2014

2014 National CEPYME Award

European Business Award 2016

2015-2016 European Business Award

Mejor PYME del Año Premios CEPYME 2016

2016 CEPYME Awards, Best SME of the year

Gran Premio DHL ATLAS a la exportación 2017

2017 ATLAS DHL Gran Prize for Export Innovation

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