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 title=Because the fruits and ecological vegetables know better. It is not any secret that with the passage of time the flavor of the fruit and the vegetable has gone in detriment. If we throw the sight behind we remember a much tastier fruit and even with different physiognomy. This owes to the residues of the used chemists and to which the food already does not happen the time that they need ripening in the plant due to commercial needs.

On the contrary, the ecological food lacks chemical residues since they grow healthy and are in the plant during all the time that they need to mature, to develop his sugar and to form seeds. For all this the flavor is different and it will be always better to that of a food treated with fertilizers and chemical accelerators.

Because they are healthier. On not having contained artificial substances they are better assimilated by the organism without altering the metabolic functions. In addition, on having been cultivated in soils balanced by natural fertilizers, the products are more nourishing since they contain a few higher levels of vitamins, essential, antioxidant minerals, carbohydrates and proteins.

Because they suppose an enormous benefit for the environment. The ecological agriculture is the least invasive, the most responsible. She generates a lower pollution of aerosols, produces less carbon dioxide, prevents the greenhouse effect, does not generate pollutant residues and helps to the energetic saving.

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