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In order to keep on improving our products and services, IDAI NATURE would appreciate to know your opinion about the following matters , check with a x your appraisal based on your experience:

5: Excellent         4: Good         3: Acceptable           2: Bad           1: Very Bad            NP: Not Applicable      

At the end of the survey there is a part available for  your suggestions, in order  to improve, and there is a part for remarks where you can write the reason of your answer , especially if at some items the mark is lower than 3.  Consequently, we will be able to understand properly your needs:


A. Promptness as per the order reception

B. Time frame to deliver the requested products

C. Attention paid to suggestions and advices

D. Management of complaints

E. Achievement and delivery of invoices and delivery notes

F. Appraisal of transport service


G. Availability of Technical Staff

H. Time to assist your request providing requested information (Technical data sheet, certificates, regulation…)

I. Quality of technical support provided

J. Appraisal regarding tools to support the commercialization (guide treatments, catalogues, seminaries..)


K. Presentation and image of the product

L. Product's labelling

M. Quality/Effectiveness of the products

N. Suitability of packings provided

O. Anticipation to your needs (innovation)


P. General appraisal of the treatment provided by IDAI NATURE S.L’S staff

Q. General appraisal of IDAI NATURE, S.L.’s products

R. General appraisal of IDAI NATURE, S.L.’s company


You can explain the reasons of your answers mention “REF” and the question involved

Suggestions and proposals to improve