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Localized irrigation and fertigation

Irrigation is one of the keys to greater crop yields. What is known as localised irrigation forms part of irrigation efficiency, involving systems that make it possible to administer the exact dose of water required by a plant, together with the nutrients necessary for its proper vegetative development.

Gone are the old irrigation methods and techniques based on gravity or flooding, which, far from being efficient, squandered large quantities of water, with the ensuing economic loss.

In order to accurately determine the exact dose of water required for a given crop, various parameters must be taken into account to calculate its needs, such as crop evapotranspiration and type, plot location, soil type, the topography of the land, and agroclimatic data, etc., with a view to determining how much to water to use, and when.

As mentioned above, localised irrigation makes it possible to administer not just the water necessary, but also the nutrients for a crop’s proper development. At IDAI NATURE we have a wide range of nutritional products, biofungicides and biopesticides, which, when applied via fertigation, will keep your crops in perfect health, thereby achieving maximum profitability and quality.

Slashing water consumption is one of the most timely and broadly discussed issues at the international level today. Agriculture currently consumes 70% of the world’s water resources, such that its management and efficiency are a priority for all administrations and states.

The abundance of water is one of the unique characteristics distinguishing the planet Earth, with this element covering 70.8% of the earth’s surface. Of this immense amount, however, only 2.5% is fresh water, and most of it is trapped in glaciers. Thus, for our sustenance only 1% is available. To further aggravate this problem, its distribution is so uneven that more than 1 billion people do not have access to drinking water. The FAO studies estimate that 1 out of 5 developing countries will suffer water scarcity problems by 2030, which is why efficient irrigation is crucial.

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