Idai Nature's Technical Director: "The maximum effectiveness of a biostimulant is a result of a precise balance between raw material, formulation and application". | IdaiNature | Productos bioestimulantes y de biocontrol
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Precise Biostimulants: Idai Nature attended the BIOSTIMULANTS EUROPE CONFERENCE 2018 in Valencia, as a speaker and with its own stand

Idai Nature’s Technical Director, Agricultural Engineer Antonio Cerveró, in his presentation “Towards Precise Biostimulation”, explained the major research effort carried out by Idai Nature to identify new bioactive compounds and beneficial microorganisms, ascertaining the effect of each biostimulant with absolute precision.

“The objective of this research is to learn about and meet the needs of crops in each phenological stage, study the influence of their environments on them, adapt technology for maximum assimilation, and recommend applications at the right time”, Dr Cerveró stated.

The company explains that crops must be managed taking into close account their phases of maximum abiotic stress, and formulation technology must be taken advantage of to guarantee minimum energy consumption in the use of the biostimulant.

Thus, Idai Nature’s precise biostimulants allow farmers to reduce agricultural losses due to the effects of abiotic stress, boost crop yields, and increase profitability.

BIOSTIMULANTS EUROPE CONFERENCE 2018 is an international event responding to the increase in the biostimulants market. It brings together the sector’s top representatives worldwide to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

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