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The European Commission has approved this LIFE project to mitigate the adverse effects on the environment and human health of chemical pesticides used in the culture of stone fruits.

Idai Nature is the benchmark company for farmers interested in cultivating residue-free food. Therefore, it has become a crucial part of the European LIFE Waste4Green project that was initiated to demonstrate the effectiveness of two safe and sustainable, naturally sourced formulas.

The active substances of the formulations will be obtained from agro-industrial waste, which will make it possible to replace chemically sourced pesticides currently used to control pests and diseases in stone fruits.

Increased environmental safety and human health are among Waste4Green’s basic objectives, as is demonstrating the effectiveness of the formulations in three different areas of the European Union (EU) and improvement of food safety by producing residue-free fruit.

In addition, the utilization of agro-industrial waste will also be involved, which is a clear example of circular economy.

The initiative, involving entities from Spain, Portugal and Italy, is endowed with a budget of more than two million euros and will continue its course until the end of 2022.

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