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The brix index (brix degrees) allows us to know the proportion of sugar contained in fruits, juices, wine and soft drinks.

In the case of fruit this value indicates the amount of sugar present in each fruit, which significantly affects its taste. Knowing this information is essential for its consumption in crude oil and for the manufacture of certain products, considered that national and international regulations demand certain brix degrees to be maintained.

Fresh fruit contains an average of 10% sugar, although this data depends on factors such as: the species and variety, the phytosanitary treatments that it receives, the storage conditions and the state of maturity in which it is found.

Unlike other products, fructose (sugar) is natural, healthy and the body can metabolize it properly.

How do we measure brix degrees?

Using a refractometer: a device like a thermometer that measures the refraction of light in fruit juices, is used to measure brix degrees.

By using this tool, you can measure the sweetness of the fruit directly and communicate it to both distributors and final customer.

A high rate of brix degrees is also synonymous of crops good health, by using Idai products you obtain sustainable and ecological crops without phytosanitary treatments.

Idai K Plus, Idai Booster and Idai Engorde will boost the quality of your products to the maximum, without generating chemical residues and guaranteeing high efficiency and sustainability.

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