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Idai Nature already has registered products in Costa Rica, zero residues and suitable for ecological farming. The first export processed has started and will soon be available for marketing from Heredia (Costa Rica)
Costa Rica currently has approximately 8000 hectares of land devoted to the production of crops without chemicals and over 3000 producers responsible for providing properly certified products both domestically and internationally.
The main areas of planting organic products are in Talamanca, Zarcero, Turrialba, Zona Norte, Carthage, among others.
Emphasize fruits, tropical roots, vegetables, animal products, vegetables and other processed products being the most export to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan. Also, to some Latin American countries arrives bananas, pineapples, coffee, orange juice, blackberry and sweet cocoa granules.
In 2009 it exported more than 36,000 tons of duly certified products, worth over 26 million dollars.
One in seven Costa Ricans working in the agricultural sector. Exports of agricultural products make up 8% of GDP.
Approximately 5.9% of the territory consists of permanent crops and another 4.4% is made up of farmland. Bananas and fruits are the main export crop and are grown both in the Great Central Valley and in the northern zone, and on the coasts of the Pacific and the Caribbean.
Costa Rica is the seventh largest producer of bananas worldwide. Coffee, one of the most valuable crop, is grown mainly in the Central Valley, for example in the area of the Saints. In 2007 there were 110,400 metric tons of coffee. Other important crops are sugar cane, pineapples and cacao.

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