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It’s recently received the maximum European environmental recognition: EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme)

Aware of the importance of harmonizing production and economic development with conservation of our environment and environmental friendliness, Idai Nature is recognized by its customers, employees and social milieu as an environmentally friendly company committed to conservation. For this reason, it has recently received the highest European environmental recognition: EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme), which is in addition to the ISO 14,000 environmental standard accreditation that it has held for years.

This European Commission Registry is public recognition of those companies that have implemented an Environmental Management System and have taken on a commitment to promote continuous improvement of environmental performance.

With this step, Idai Nature also wants to promote transparency of its management by making available to the public accurate and updated information on its environmental situation and the progress of its performance by periodically reporting on its operation by way of an environmental declaration verified by independent agencies.

With this registry, the Valencian multinational is positioned at the forefront of environmental commitment in Spain.

Idai Nature

This Valencian company was founded with the clear vocation to care for the environment. Therefore, to develop its agricultural inputs, it uses natural raw materials such as botanical extracts and minerals, the natural properties of which make its products highly efficient and meshes perfectly with environmental friendliness and care.

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