Idai Nature acheives the máximum international certification of Environmental management – IdaiNature | Productos bioestimulantes y de biocontrol
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Idai Nature has successfully passed the necessary audits to obtain The ISO 14001 certification awarded by the Veritas Bureau Certification that accredits that the company´s Environmental managemnt system cumplies with all the demands the norm establishes.

In this way, Idai Nature acheives the environmental certification document most extended in the whole world which confirms that the Company activity promotes our environment´s protection and the prevention of contamination from a balanced socioeconomic point of view.

This certification is added to the ISO 9001 Quality which accredits that the System of Quality Management of the company bets on the continious improvement in all its processes and ensures the compliance of the legislation in the sector, by means of the certification of its processes in manufacturing according to the Royal Decree 506/2013.

These certifications give its products a quality recognition, passing these values on to the consumers of its products.

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