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According to the data of the Agriculture, Food and Environment Ministry, the company Idai Nature gives off almost 1400 times less emissions of CO2 than the rest of the companies which manufacture fertilizers. The average emission of the rest of the companies is 26641.11 t CO2 while Idai Nature has 18.92.

In order to elaborate its natural fertilizers and bioinsecticides, they use natural raw materials like botanic extracts and minerals. The natural properties of these materials give its products a high efficiency which perfectly combines with respect and care for our environment.

Mayte Orero, who is responsible for the Quality Department at Idai Nature, says that the company contantly studies the focal points and activities of the highest emission green house effect gases in order to implant the most adecuate actions for its reduction.

As a part of the company’s plan a fundamental aspect is contracting electricity with a guarantee of it being of renewable origin, that is, that the provision comes from energetic sources which are 100% renewable.

On the other hand, the importance of forming and informing the employees on existing techniques to reduce unnecessary consumption in the organization’s building and facilities and the use of vehicles are emphasized. “We carry out internal courses about sustainability and with this knowledge we can reach a 10 % saving in energy cosumption.

Idai Nature works at spreading the word that it is possible to achieve bussiness success under the policy of social commitment, bussiness and environmental values.

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