Specialists in natural solutions

Innovative products for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables without chemical residues

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Specialists in natural solutions

Innovative products for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables without chemical residues

A W A R D S ,  Q U A L I T Y   A N D   T H E   E N V I R O N M E N T

The never-ending search for absolute excellence

Our company management has adopted a strategic policy of maximum quality for all products

We seek, with the tracking, monitoring and revision of each and every process and product, to bring about the continuous improvement of our system of quality assurance, while ensuring the constant, honest, sustainable and efficient growth of our company, with due deference to the fulfilment of all applicable standards and requirements.

This is the key principle running through everything that we do. Idai Nature is committed to its customers, staff, suppliers and creditors, and abides by the applicable quality-assurance, environmental and safety standards with professional and entrepreneurial rigour.

Certified quality

Idai Nature relies on continuous improvement in all its processes, as confirmed by both its certified system of quality assurance conforming to international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and its guaranteed compliance with the sector’s statutory provisions in accordance with Spanish Royal Decree 506/2013.
These certificates supply our products with a recognized seal of quality, thereby making consumers aware of the true value of our formulas.

Ecologically certified

Our company management has adopted a strategic policy of maximum quality for all products, thereby ensuring that the items concerned conform to the strictest certification requirements. Our day-to-day work is dedicated to ensuring that the requirements of these prestigious certificates are fulfilled worldwide, and we carry out both external and internal audits designed to ensure compliance with all the rules and standards applying to our area of activity.

The environment

One of the main commitments of Idai Nature entails respect for the environment, as confirmed by the company’s undertaking to reduce emissions of gases contributing to the greenhouse effect, complete with inscription in the corresponding “carbon footprint” register maintained by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.
Furthermore, and with a view to ensuring that our products remain compatible with the environment throughout their useful lives, our company is a member of bodies such as SIGFITO and ECOEMBES, which promote systems of collection for used packaging and containers that are designed to permit subsequent processing in accordance with environmental requirements.

Prizes and awards

Idai Nature is one of the most award-recognised businesses in its sector, as confirmed by the number of prizes for innovation that we have collected during our rise to prominence, which also testify to the great effort invested in quality and R&D relating to new products for use in sustainable agriculture.

Valencia C.F.

Idai Nature is the third winning company in a brand promotion project sponsored by Valencia Football Club, designed to support Valencia’s small and medium-sized enterprises in their efforts to become more international.
Thanks to this initiative, Idai Nature has been able to take advantage of the club’s international presence and reach out to its three million plus supporters around the world.


Idai Nature enjoys the support of the most important national and international associations in the sector. Membership of these associations requires compliance with a series of requirements, all of which our company fulfils satisfactorily. Membership of these associations also helps us to stay informed of all the latest important developments in our sector.

Sponsorships and commitment

As a business committed to solidarity with others, we have been donating 0.7% of our profits to social projects since 2013. In 2010 Idai Nature subscribed to the United Nations international agreement covering the permanent ethical behaviour of businesses with regard to employees, customers, suppliers and creditors.
We are aware at Idai Nature that research is a fundamental requirement for advancement and improvement, and it is for this reason that we support associations, such as the Spanish cancer research organisation AECC, which carry out investigation into human health. It sponsors and finances biomedical and social research projects as one of the main pillars of its activity.
Sport is health, and it is for this reason that we sponsor sports teams such as those of the School of Agricultural Engineering and Environmental Science of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Collaboration and accreditation

Our research projects enjoy the support of several European institutions, and we are firm believers when it comes to strengthening ties between universities and the business world. We are in fact currently involved in several such collaborative ventures with various universities.