We have the definitive solution for the red palm weevil – and it’s natural

11 de april – UPV Confirm your attendance: comunicacion@idainature.com/pruebas “It’s not just us saying it. The results confirm it: the red palm weevil can be controlled without chemicals,” announced Carlos Ledó, founder of Idai Nature, an international leader in the development of natural agricultural solutions. His claim is corroborated by the results that will be […]


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Grey rot in strawberries: symptoms, advice and solutions.

Grey mould, or rot, in fruit is one of the most serious diseases that can affect strawberries, and berry crops in general. Caused by the Botrytis cinerea fungus, it can easily spread through your crops and inflict significant losses. The main types of damage caused by fruit rot include: • Appearance of soft rot in […]

PIRETRO NATURA: The most effective pyrethrin on the market, NOW also for ecological growing

PIRETRO NATURA is the most effective natural alternative to control different types of insect pests in crops in an environmentally responsible way. PIRETRO NATURA’s maximum efficiency is the result of a PERFECT balance of precision between raw material and formulation. • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE NATURAL INSECTICIDE • IMMEDIATE ACTION, ON CONTACT • FREE OF PIPERONIL BUTOXIDE

Diseases caused by rain. What to do.

The combination of rain and mild temperatures creates an ideal environment for the development of diseases, causing significant losses. IDAI NATURE offers natural solutions to combat problems due to excess moisture..

STRATEGY against Xylella fastidiosa

Xylella fastidiosa is a bacterium transmitted by xylem fluid feeding sap insects, and has devastating effects on crops. IDAI NATURE offers natural solutions featuring an insecticidal action against the causes of the disease. MORE INFORMATION – nacional@idainature.com/pruebas


In line with its commitment to the values of healthy, sustainable and chemical-free agriculture, IDAI NATURE is an active member of GLOBAL G.A.P. This organization was founded in 1997 as an initiative by the British retail sector, in conjunction with supermarkets in continental Europe, to promote awareness of the need to obtain and market safe […]