DAY OUTDOOR of the Idai Nature team

For Idai Nature there is very important the implication and the motivation of his workers, with these periodic days the pride of belonging is promoted to the company and there is created an environment of ideal work.

Idai Nature wins the National Award for the Best Business Initiative

Idai Nature has been rewarded by the Agencies of Regional Development of Spain in the Edition III of the National Prizes Enterprising ADR as ‘ Better Managerial Initiative ‘. This Valencian company develops technology to obtain free food of chemical residues that come to the great consumption to the same price that the conventional productions. […]

Idai Nature supports cancer research

In Idai Nature we know that the investigation is fundamental to advance and to improve, for it we collaborate with Spanish Association Against the Cancer. The aecc promotes finances and projects of biomedical and social investigation, treats itself about one of the fundamental props about his activity. Thus Idai wants to help to diminish the […]

The founder of Idai Nature receives the ASTER award for the best entrepreneur of 2014

The founder of Idai Nature, Carlos Ledó, has received the prize ASTER that grants anually the ESIC BUSINESS and MARKETING SCHOOL in the category of Best enterprising 2014. Granted anually by ESIC from 1982, the Prizes ASTER are a modal of recognition of the persons’ merits and entities in his professional activity. The event was […]